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Alma Catering moves to a new location in Schinkelbuurt. A new beginning!

We moved! We are happy and looking forward to start catering for you from our new location.

Alma Catering Amsterdam is saying hello from our new location in Schinkelbuurt!!

We cannot be happier with this move, still working on the last details but tomorrow is ready! There are many reasons to celebrate this change of location. We are staying in Schinkelbuurt, a great neighbourhood itself, we are now in a spacious new location, perfect for a caterer in Amsterdam now in the new 1.5 meter society and we have a great new neighbour and friend, keep reading I will tell you more about them.

1. Schinkelbuurt, Amsterdam.

For those that live in Amsterdam, it is not new to hear all about the nice things of this little neighbourhood. Schinkelbuurt has been our home for years, so we are happy to stay here, bordered by the Schinkel canal, very close to the Vondelpark and with Amstelveenseweg in the side, it is a perfect location to work from. This neighbourhood is also house of many restaurants, bars and caterers.

Schinkelbuurt is a vibrant and lively place in Amsterdam, where the vegan scene and the love for local products and the planet inspires and motivates. We are happy to still be here.

It is also a very well connected neighbourhood, you can catch a bus or a tram to pretty much anywhere in the city and it is a beautiful area to bike. In our location there are great places to park our electric cargo bikes, which as you can imagine is a huge plus for us, logistics just became a piece of cake!

2. Alma catering's new location.

Our new location is spacious and confortable. It is a a great location with a big kitchen, perfect for our work. We were really looking forward to find a place that would let us adapt fast to the new 1.5 society requirements that followed the Covid-19 crisis.

This new location is basically a food creativity hub, great to work from and be inspired by.

We worked hard to adapt all our protocols to the measures given by the Dutch government, we are trying as well to stay flexible and help in any way possible to overcome the challenges of these difficult times.

As a catering entrepreneur, this crisis has hit us hard but it has also been a great moment to think about ways to innovate our offerings and work on our contribution to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.


Working sustainably has always been a priority so during these times, we had time to explore more recipes and vendors for our meals. For us is key to offer healthy and sustainable meals that taste delicious, so we vary, experiment and include as much as much as possible organic, local and seasonal ingredients.

So we have been working with our partners who have been incredible supportive, innovative and flexible during these times. All to do as much as we can to stay open, working and providing the freshest ingredients as always.

We strongly support the world's move towards a more plant-based nutrition that's sustainable and nutritious. We understand change happens slowly and we are committed to be persistently there, learning as we go, adapting and contributing to it.

You will see the result of all this work in the new recipes we will be rolling out. Off course our offerings are for everyone, healthy people, vegans, halal meat eaters and meat lovers but we are including more vegan options, more affordable company lunch options, and innovative event set ups for the new 1.5m society.

3. Our neighbour and new friend!

Last but not least! the last reason why we are happy about being in this new location is because we have a new neighbour. Chef on the Spot. Also, a catering company in Amsterdam that focuses on larger events.

A lunchcatering voor bedrijven is how they call themselves with who has been a pleasure to connect and get to know.

The Chef on The Spot team has been incredibly welcoming and kind. They not only make tasty lunch options, they are also a kind and sweet team, who has been ready to help and support from the first moment. Thanks to the Chef on the Spot team for the positive energy and smiles at all times in these times of change. We really appreciate it.

Chef on the spot, apart from being on the same page with us in terms of sustainability, is a team full of energy and good vibes that inspires. They cater in Amsterdam Noord, Amsterdam Zuid, Oost and West for larger companies mostly.

We keep creating, cooking and smiling to life. And certainly

looking forward to make our delicious recipes for you all!

New address: Anthony Fokkerweg 61,1059 CP Amsterdam

The Netherlands.


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