Innovative, fresh, sustainable cuisine and 

top-notch catering services.

Alma means "soul" in Spanish, every dish prepared by Alma embodies our heart, our soul. Every dish shows our passion for cooking and our commitment to provide the most delightful, healthy and exquisite food based on sustainable agriculture. Therefore we use local ingredients and work with local producers that give back to society with traditional 

production and conservation techniques.

Our methods are eco-friendly, we strive Atwater efficiency, waste reduction, recycling energy, disposables and pollution 


Our service is cordial and professional, we make of your event an unforgettable moment, not only because the food we offer is healthy and exquisite but also because through our service, food and venue presentation we convey your message. 

We first understand you and use food, our services and our event management services to deliver your message, from 

love to professionalism, we convey it.

 ensure every ingredient used is 

high quality, tasty and fresh. We are up-to date on environmental and social

practices and in the constant search of new ways to contribute to Amsterdam's 

sustainable development. 

Are you interested in being part of this food revolution? 

  Do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas.