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A Christmas dinner to remember! Let's end 2020 together.

It’s finally December and boy has the weather took a turn!

There’s nothing more cozy than sitting by the fire or lighting those cinnamon scented candles while you drink your sleepy time tea.

After a crazy Thanksgiving holiday, we cannot wait to end 2020 with a Christmas to remember! With that being said, we are already getting busy with putting together a new, fresh and exciting Christmas menu.

One of the special items that will be featured in our menu is our homemade pop-cakes! This citrusy desert will make the perfect gift to send to friends, families, and colleagues and you’d be pleased to know we are already accepting orders!

Another special feature in our menu is a local product made right here in Amsterdam! This seitan product is made from scratch from one of our providers who are a small business just starting out. It’s incredible the endless possibilities you can do with vegan products.

One of our New Years resolutions is to use local products from small business more than ever before! With everything going on with the economy we need to unite and help each other so we can make it to the other side. We have been so grateful this year for all of our new and old clients that have helped us stay afloat during these difficult times.

Photo: Citrusy chocolate popcakes

So the important thing that you need to know this Christmas is to make sure you get your Christmas dinner orders in ASAP! We only have a certain amount of orders that we will be taking on so if you want to be on the list it’s better to get your order in advance so you don’t miss out. What’s also important to know is that we will be making deliveries on the 24th and 25th of December. Please send your order in before Wednesday 16th of December! This will give us plenty of times for preparations.

We will be posting our completed menu on social media and on our website so please keep an eye out for it! Again, thank you so much for all of your help and support and we really hope that you order with us this Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Alma Catering


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