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Thanksgiving dinner in Amsterdam

Reflection and empowerment

Its that time of year again, the leaves are changing and the weather is getting cold and crisp. Looking back at this past year, for many of us it may be hard to have a positive outlook and be grateful. Alma Catering wants to change this.

Strength, positivity, and appreciating the small things in life are some of the important values we hold at Alma Sustainable Catering. If you told someone last year that in a year a virus was going to impact the entire world and effect millions of people - they may have laughed at you. If you told them that all the restaurants would be closed, festivals would be cancelled and the Netherlands (among other countries) would face a detrimental economic recession - I doubt they would believe you.

But the truth is- this is what happened and we have no control over it.

What we do have control of is ourselves and our actions. It’s up to us to take these hardships, learn and grow from them. We have the power to overcome this and that power is gratitude.

This year for thanksgiving we should be more grateful than ever. We should appreciate every nurse that risks their life every day to help overs, every small business owner struggling to make ends meat, every performer that needs to put their career on hold due to this virus and so many more that are struggling.

Compassion is all we have to understand the hardships that each and every one of us might be facing. Taking the time to look back and to be able to recognize how we may have taken the little things in life for granted before this virus is something that is very important for us all to do. If we can really teach ourselves to be more grateful - even for simple things like not having to wait on a line to get groceries- our society as a whole will be more positive and happy.

To show our love and appreciation we are giving away mini homemade pumpkin pies to every customer that orders a dinner or dessert from Alma Catering.

Send us an email today and let us know what you would like to order and we will be sure to include the mini pumpkin pie in your order!



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