Vegetarian Latin Brunch

Vegetarian Latin Brunch


A mix of bites and small dishes to have a vegetarian Latin brunch.




  • 4X Empanadas plantain and cheese (gluten free Contains dairy)
  • 4X Cheese sticks (Contains gluten and dairy) 
  • 6X Mini arepas (Gluten free & vegan)
  • 4X Mini cachapas o arepa de de choclo (Vega - Contains gluten and dairy) 
  • 4X Fillings

     - 300 gr Black beans (Vegan & gluten free)

     - 300 gr Shredded jackfruit caribbean  (gluten free) 

     - 300 gr Scramble tofu rancheros 

     - 200 gr Soft cheese

  • 2X Salsas

     - Guasacaca

     - Arepa shop spicy sauce

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