The best lentil salad with roasted pumpkin in Amsterdam.

Eating vegan, healthy and delicious in Amsterdam doesn't need to be difficult.

How to eat healthy? gezonde lunch in amsterdam

See recipe and prep. instructions below!

At Alma catering we are committed to make it easy for you to stay healthy without sacrificing in taste. We either do food delivery, so you can eat healthy at work or wherever you are or we teach you how, so you can make it yourself. (team lunch in amsterdam)

From now on, we will be sharing with you simple recipes that taste delicious and you can easily make at home. (catering in amsterdam, vegan catering in amsterdam)

Before we start

We know many of you often don't have time to cook. We also know that sometimes having a busy life makes it difficult for you to invest time on going to the supermarket, or coming up with creative recipes on a daily basis.

We want to support you on this journey and help you with some ideas and inspiration. From now on, we will be posting easy recipes that are healthy and you can make with the same ingredients, the great news is that you won't even notice.

We will make sure then to add some diversity to your diet and that you don't have to through away food.

On this vegan meal:

This lentils with roasted pumpkin recipe is the first of a series of recipes that will be coming up for you in Amsterdam or anywhere really. This recipe can be prepared in about 15 minutes and will make you and your love ones very happy.

On this Pumpkin:

This pumpkin is the queen of our story! This preparations is designed to last for a week in perfect shape when stored in the fridge. If you make it once it can be served with different ingredients and it will taste in different ways.

Some ideas that go great with this pumpkin are:

  • A fresh salad: our pumpkin, some lettuce, rocket salad, and some nuts.

  • In a sandwich or a wrap: spinach, sun dried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds & our roasted pumpkin. Winner!

  • Or our pumpkin can also be eaten on its own with quinoa and other roasted veggies

Let's get to it:

A Meal for two

Preparation time: 15 mins

The recipe:

We will start by making the roasted pumpkin. The ingredients we will need are:

1. Roasted pumpkin vegan ingredients


  • 3 spoons of balsamic vinegar

  • 4 spoons of extra virgin olive oil

  • 1 spoon of appelstroop

We will also need:

  • Half of a pumpkin (Butternut)

  • Pumpkin seeds

  • Salt

  • Chipotle sauce

2. Lentil ingredients

  • 1 cup of red lentils

  • 3 cup of water

  • Dill or a herb of your preference

Kitchenware useful to have at hand:

  • Baking paper

  • Cutting board

  • Knife

  • Fuet

  • Cooking tongs

  • Table spoon

Meal preparation:

See video below for tips

We will start with the roasted pumpkin: