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How are we handling COVID-19 at Alma Catering Amsterdam

We continue to monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments closely, not only in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, but everywhere in the world. It saddens us deeply what's happening and we are willing to do everything in our power so we all overcome this crisis as best as possible.

We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and hopeful. We believe it is important to stay encouraged and calm in times of uncertainty. In these difficult times, we want to focus on helping each other, on being responsible and on doing as much as we can so when all of this passes, we are stronger, better and smarter. These are good times to show our values and the kind of human we are.

As you all know healthy food delivery and vegan catering in Amsterdam is our passion, we have been working on perfecting our offerings and services for over 7 years. It is of utmost importance for us to make sure we follow all food safety processes, and European and Dutch regulations regarding public health, especially in moments like this.

Alma adapts: healthy catering is also healthy food delivery!

We do everything to ensure we keep helping you stay healthy and focus. So we have added new channels to offer our services and focused on creating recipes that not only boost your immune system but that are fresh and easy to eat wherever you are working from. We have also included new rules and regulations in our internal processes to make sure we are aligned with new finding on Covid-19.

Healthy Lunch Amsterdam - Vegan food, plant based recipes and food delivery in Amsterdam no issue, we are happy to deliver where you are.

Healthy updates:

Washing hands in the Kitchen

Internal rules -

  • We are checking all daily updates from the Dutch government and public health institutions to update our processes accordingly.

  • We coordinated with our team to ensure that no more than two people are working onsite.

  • We are continuously educating our team on all food safety measures.

  • We are requiring our team to stay home if they are experiencing even a minor cold or any other symptoms or if anyone they live with is.

surgical gloves
  • We have added extra hand-washing and hand-sanitizing requirements and, even when our protocols have always followed Dutch regulations to ensure the healthiest and best practices, we have enforced some additional ones, like the use of face masks and gloves at all times in our food prep process.

  • Our delivery partners can leave your order in a safe place to help you follow social distancing guidelines. You can add instructions via our website or social media.

New channel -

At Alma Catering Amsterdam, we focus on offering company lunch (mostly plant-based)and hapjes for environmentally friendly and sustainable companies and people. We continue delivering our vegan meals, finger foods, and desserts, the difference is that as most of you are working from home we went online! Now you can order food online, vegan or non vegan we got you. You just have to choose and we deliver, fresh and ready to eat vegan and non vegan food.

  • We are in the cloud so you can find us wherever you are. You can visit us here and order online what you want and when you want. We hear our customers save time by getting their food delivered while they make sure they eat nutritious, healthy and fresh.

New recipes -

vegan recipes to boost your immune system.

New recipes hand crafted and specifically designed to hold a healthy combination of nutrients and vitamins. So if you are asking yourselves: Wat eten we vandaag? We have a few suggestions!

Vegan food Amsterdam Delivery!

And as usual we deliver! Free delivery in Amsterdam is one of the ways we are supporting the measure of staying at home and working from home. You pick a plan, get your delivery, warm up(if needed), eat and enjoy it.


We will continue to monitor this situation and will continue to make adjustments to our safety practices as recommended by the RIVM.

If you have additional questions, please contact us – we are here to help.



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