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Events in 2020, how to throw a successful event during COVID-19

We all know that this past year has been rocky for many of us to say the least. By this time last year, many companies would be holding celebrations and giving their staff an enjoyable evening with their coworkers. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has made throwing events difficult for all of us and we want to change this.

Moving forward with events and COVID-19 regulations. How to throw a successful party!

Humans are social butterflies. Working from home is necessary but can also take a toll on someone's mental well being. That’s why we want to help people still get out and be social, while still following social distancing guidelines. Alma Catering is proud to share that we have been successfully holding small events for companies looking to launch a new product, celebrate a company's birthday, and many more celebrations. The trick of holding a safe and successful event is by having small groups in a spacious setting and making sure that everyone follows the 1 ½ meter distancing rule.

Event & catering in Covid Times
Event at Fiat

Get creative!

What about printing your new product or your logo on a facemask and having people tag your company on social media? By being creative and battling corona with a positive “I can do it” attitude, we believe that together we will lift each other up and make it through this difficult time. Take advantage of this strange time by getting creative, there’s more people online than ever before!

Health and Happiness in 2020

Health and happiness are intertwined. If your company doesn’t feel comfortable holding events, then we suggest sending your employees Health and Happiness packages for when they’re working at home.

What that includes: healthy meals for you and your staff that will boost their immune system and give them mental motivation.



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