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Benefits of team lunch

If you have managed a team you probably know all the challenges involved in creating a teamwork culture. If everyone is not on the same page, getting them to perform like a well-oiled machine is more than just a little difficult.

We have gathered here some of the best articles we found about why team lunch is a great way to encourage a positive team spirit and therefore increase productivity.

A closer team

"We've found this has a great effect on maintaining open communication as we grow, ensuring that people never feel divided, even if we're working on different things," Bas Kohnke, CEO of Impraise

Better retention

"Keeping morale high with these team-bonding events not only goes well with employees, but with the company as a whole," Ajay Prasad, founder and president of GMR Web Team

Appreciated employees

"I ordered a pizza, and we had a little party in the office," said Joanna Douglas, the company's owner, in an email. "It was special because we were all together. Sometimes our schedules don't sync because of the shifting, but we finally got to celebrate something that was a joint effort."

Accessible leaders

"Once a month, the leadership team at Jellyvision is paired at random with a group of employees from around the company," said Bob Armour, CMO. "Coming together for lunch takes down any feeling of corporate barriers that may arise."

"A study by Highfive found that the average cost savings of providing free lunch at work is $2.50-$4.50 per employee. The average time for an off-site lunch is one hour, versus only thirty minutes for an onsite meal. Assuming an average hourly wage of $35.00 and an average lunch price of $13.00-$15.00, it is cheaper to give your employees a free lunch than it is to leave them to fend for themselves. In addition to those savings, providing lunch can also come with tax benefits for your company. You save twice!"

  1. It makes everyone more comfortable.

  2. It’s non-intrusive.

  3. Increased productivity.

  4. It’s a good break.

  5. It fosters a positive company culture and improves employee retention.

  6. It’s a chance to network.

Effective team management!!



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