September 2019

Wednesday 25th 


Pumpkin soup


Tomato, capers, cucumber, and parsley. 

Main Course: 

Mixed grill (chicken, lamb kofta, meatballs), onions rings & roasted vegetables.

Vegan Main Course:

Grilled portobello, black bean falafel, onion rings, roasted vegetables. 



Selection of seasonal hand fruits.

Thursday 26th


Lentils soup.


Rucola, black olives & feta.


Main Course: 

Baked salmon, citrus spiced bulgur, onion, basil, and capers. 

Vegan Main Course: 

Roasted aubergine, lemon & orange spiced bulgur, onion, basil, and capers.





Friday 27th

Friday 27th September


Soup: Mushroom soup.


Salad: Pak Choi, edamame, ginger, chili flakes.

Main Course: 

Chicken with haricot verts and rice.

Vegan Main Course:  

Vegan Shiitake teriyaki with haricot verts.



Chocolate & black sesame cake 


Main = € 10,50

Soup + Main = € 12,50

Soup + Side Salad + Main = € 13,50

Dessert = € 2,00


* Our prices are not negotiable.


Terms & Conditions 


- Order per week. 

- Wednesday we will receive a reminder email.

- Deadline for ordering is Thursday 10:30 to the consecutive week.

- We are going to work with the meal recipes from this document. All our recipes are based on the season. In this way it is possible to be sustainable and to provide your company the local healthy greens.

- We would kindly like to inform you that if products are missing, they should be reimbursed.

- If products are forgotten and need to be picked up again, an extra ride will be charged. 

- After a month, we would love to have a gathering to evaluate the process and the feedback on the food and our services.