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Mayda Alvarez

Mayda Alvarez

From very early in life, Mayda found her 

true passion, food. Exploring new flavors and cooking 

amazing dishes is what she is best at. 

Mayda grew up in Caracas, the 

capital city of Venezuela, an urban 

centre that inspired her to travel the world

in the search of new flavors. 

Her formal training started at the 

Gastronomic College (CEGA) in 

Caracas, from there Costa Rica, 

Mexico, the US (California), Spain, 

Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands 

(Amsterdam) hosted and inspired her 

dishes and cooking style.

Mayda, her cooking and lifestyle 

embodies multiculturalism, quality and 

kindness are the second and third 

stronger spices added to the recipe. 

She has worked with and learnt from 

master and celebrity chefs, devoted

staff, sharp business people and her

friends. All of who added to her 

cooking style and service she offers.  

Cooking sustainable has been always an important part of her career, Mayda has always tried to use seasonal ingredients for her recipes, trying to waste as least as possible, growing her own spices and buying at local markets. 

“Food is communication, is a way to create moments, experiences and to show love for you, for those you care about and for those that are to come”

                                                   - Mayda


Mayda's services are all about food quality, cooking sustainable, appreciation, origin, and aesthetics. 

She is keen to show the world you can eat tasty, healthy and on budget. She is eager to share her passion for food, creativity and high-quality service with you.  

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